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Welcome to WorldwideLottery.com

WorldwideLottery.com is the global gateway to a $284 billion dollar lottery industry, the largest lottery in the world, and the opportunity to fund humanitarian needs. WorldwideLottery.com wants you to win and the world to win. "One World - One Lottery" defines the universal scope and "Betting For a Better World" establishes the philosophy of the company.

As a true worldwide lottery, WorldwideLottery.com will be accessible to every free adult on earth as a sensible, socially accepted, non-political, global fund-raising mechanism. Contributing a substantial percentage of the massive jackpots to financially assist world needs as outlined by the United Nations, the G20 Summit, the World Health Organization, the Africa Progress Panel and the Economic Forums, WorldwideLottery.com will focus on universal concerns of hunger, potable water, disease, literacy, global warming, alternative energy and reserves for the next tsunami, earthquake or hurricane.

Implementing this commitment requires a reliable funding solution which is easily understood and within the reach of every person worldwide. Structured on small individual investments, shared and expandable on a universal scale, WorldwideLottery.com is that solution.

WorldwideLottery.com will function throughout the world, in a volume and scope unobtainable to bordered lotteries. Through the instantaneous reach of the Internet and mobile technology, enhanced by E-commerce, M-commerce, land-based vendors, superior domain marketability, and pervasive branding, WorldwideLottery.com will become the greatest lottery on earth.

Founded by a dedicated team of professionals, WorldwideLottery.com will be highly regulated and registered in the strictest of jurisdictions. Built upon a universally recognized world lotto gaming platform, WorldwideLottery.com will ultimately provide colossal rewards for all participating countries, players and investors. The company will be a member of the IGC, and the World Lottery Association, audited by Price Waterhouse or Coopers Lybrand and insured by Lloyds of London. Our jackpots will be guaranteed, our winners paid, and our funding for world causes, disseminated.

WorldwideLottery.com will target inaugural ticket sales in the year 2023.

Let the Games begin...
One World - One Lottery
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